Y. S. Rajashekar Reddy
Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy Foundation Inc.
Y. S. Rajashekar Reddy
Mission Statement
To organize blood donation camps and encourage the people to donate blood and save lives.
To help the homeless and the needy with food, health care and shelter.
To organize health seminars, yoga classes, health camps, immunization and motivate people to exercise daily.
To provide emergency help to needy students and lonely visitors in case of accidents.
To help arranging special get together for the elderly and disabled.
To help backward and remote villages by providing purified water, sanitation and roads.
To provide scholarships to poor and meritorious students to study.
To invite distinguished Telugu scholars, artists, artisans, and statesmen to America for lectures, seminars, and congregations.
To solicit, raise, and disburse funds for charitable purposes, emergency aid in cases of natural disasters, accidental deaths, cultural, religious and educational activities directly or in cooperation with other not-for-profit organizations to meet the aforementioned.
To organize periodic literary, educational, youth, and cultural conferences, either independently or in cooperation with the other associations.